DETERMINATION OF NONSIGNIFICANCEDescription:Felts Field SeaplaneLaunch MaintenanceProponent:Spokane Airport BoardLocation of proposal:Felts Field 6000 Rutter AvenueSpokane, WA 99212Lead agency:Spokane Airport BoardThe lead agency for this proposal had determined that it does not have a probable significant adverse impact on the environment. An environmental impact statement (EIS) is not required under RCW 43.21C.030 (2)(c). This decision was made after review of a completed environmental checklist and other information on file with the lead agency. This information is available to the public on request.This DNS is issued under WAC 197-11-340(2); the lead agency will not act on this proposal for 14 days from the date below. Comments must be submitted by January 5, 2015.Responsible Official:Matt BreenPosition/Title:Acting Director,Planning & Engineering DepartmentPhone: 509-455-6413Address:9000 W. Airport Drive,Suite 204, Spokane WA 99224Date:December 17, 2014Signature: Matt BreenYou may appeal this determina-tion in writing to:Matt BreenSpokane Airports9000 W. Airport Drive, Suite 204Spokane, WA 99224No later than January 5, 2015.Contact Matt Breen to read or ask about the procedures for SEPA appeals. SR28731

From Spokesman-Review on 12/21/2014 (375033)