IN AND FOR THECOUNTY OF SPOKANESUMMONS BY PUBLICATION -DEPENDENCYSTATE OF WASHINGTON TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN and TO:1. NICHOLAS B. MCARTHUR, parent of ELIJAH SURYAN, DOB 6/4/06, Dependency Petition 14-7-01165-5, filed 4/24/14.2. PENNY M LAFOUNTAIN AKA YEARSLEY, parent of BABY GIRL LAFOUNTAIN, DOB 10/21/14, Dependency Petition 14-7-02182-1, filed 10/23/14.3. BRANDON SANDERS, parent of JAMES DEONIER, DOB 2/18/13, Dependency Petition 14-7-01634-7, filed 6/18/14.4. WILLIAM ATCHLEY, parent of JASMINE FEHN, DOB 7/3/08, Dependency Petition 14-7-01886-2, filed 8/29/14.5. TIA M HODDE and BENJAMIN F HODDE, parents of TIRZA HODDE, DOB 8/25/06, Dependency Petition 14-7-02079-4, filed 10/8/14.6. TIA M HODDE and BENJAMIN F HODDE, parents of ZACHARY HODDE, DOB 11/23/08, Dependency Petition 14-7-02080-8, filed 10/8/14.7. JERRAME A KIMBLE SR, parent of ERICKA KIMBLE, DOB 4/26/05, Dependency Petition 14-7-01857-9, filed 8/19/14.8. JERRAME A KIMBLE SR, parent of ANGELINA KIMBLE, D0B 4/26/05, Dependency Petition 14-7-01858-7, filed 8/19/14.9. DAVID JENNINGS, parent of JOZLYNN JENNINGS, DOB 9/22/07, Dependency Petition 14-7-00882-4, filed 3/31/14.10. PATERNAL INTERESTS of JOSHUA RAGSDALE, DOB 11/10/14, Dependency Petition 14-7-02447-1, filed 11/13/14.A Dependency Petition has been filed in the above court. A Fact Finding hearing will be held on this matter on January 15, 2015 at 9:00 am at the Spokane County Juvenile Court, 1208 W. Mallon Ave., Spokane, WA 99201-2091. YOU SHOULD BE PRESENT AT THIS HEARING.THE HEARING WILL DETERMINE IF YOUR CHILD IS DEPENDENT AS DEFINED IN RCW 13.34.050(5). THIS BEGINS A JUDICIAL PROCESS WHICH COULD RESULT IN PERMANENT LOSS OF YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS. IF YOU DO NOT APPEAR AT THE HEARING THE COURT MAY ENTER A DEPENDENCY ORDER IN YOUR ABSENCE.To request a copy of the Notice, Summons, and Dependency Petition call DSHS at (509) 363-3550. To view information about your rights in this proceeding go to W. FITZGERALDSpokane County ClerkBy GLENDA VOGT, Deputy ClerkSR28721

From Spokesman-Review on 12/19/2014 (374045)